James Razko explores illusion, cultural identity, and transcending boundaries. His work continually challenges our perceptions of reality, bridging cultures and sparking a dialogue that goes beyond physical and mental borders. Throughout his work, he invites us to contemplate the interplay of illusion and cultural identity, emphasizing the human capacity to transcend cognitive frontiers through art marking.


James Razko (b. 1987, NJ, USA) is an LA-based artist who grew up on a small island in New Jersey. At the age of seventeen, Razko joined the military to escape suburbia and finance higher education. In 2008, James deployed to Iraq as part of a special forces team, a transformative experience that propelled Razko into the visual arts. His work explores illusion, cultural identity, and transcending boundaries. Razko completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Stockton University in 2011 and earned his Master of Fine Arts degree at the New York Academy of Art in 2015. During his time at the Academy, Razko achieved numerous accolades, including scholarships and a residency in Moscow, Russia. His work is published in the acclaimed book, “The Figure,” and he is a recipient of the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant.

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